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Delivery and payment

Our sex dolls come with DHL, PostNord, UPS or Schenker, depending on the postal address. Normal delivery time is 2 - 4 days. When the package arrives in your city, you will be contacted by the shipping agent to book a time for delivery or if you want to pick up the package yourself. Most of the time we send the whole doll in one big package, but sometimes we send the head and body in separate packages.

It is fine to pay with VISA, Mastercard and American Express via Stripe's payment exchange thatDocklandet.se use for card payments. The money is reserved in your bank account when you have completed your order and then withdrawn from the account when the product is delivered.

It is also possible to pay with Klarna's payment solutions "Pay later" or "Split".

We also offer PayPal as a payment solution for those who prefer it.Stripe, Klarna and PayPal have high requirements for security and confidentiality, this applies both to their own services and to their partners. You can always feel completely secure that your money and data are handled responsibly and securely.

It is fine to split your purchase with either Klarna or by credit card (VISA/Mastercard).

It is possible to split payment over up to 36 months with Klarna. Klarna usually starts charging a month after the order is placed.

If you pay by credit card, it is usually interest-free for the first 3 months.

100% safe. Our products are shipped from Sweden and neighboring countries. You never risk unexpected costs such as customs fees and we always have free shipping. There are never additional costs in addition to the price of the item. There is also no risk of any of our dolls getting stuck in customs. The regular price you see on our dolls is what the dolls might cost from other stores including shipping and customs fees. You always pay our current reduced price and never anything more than that.

The orders sent from China are shipped in a container together with many other packages and cleared together.

We on Docklandet is responsible for your item during the entire delivery, should something unexpected happen with the shipment, we will solve it.

Neither Dalarna Exclusive AB or Docklandet's name or logo is visible on the package. There is also nothing else that can reveal the contents of the package. When purchases are made, it says "Swedish trade" or "HANDEL" on the account statement. All transactions are encrypted and all data protected. We on Dalarna Exclusive AB will never disclose or resell your information. If you want, it is also possible to pay with encrypted currency such as e.g. Bitcoin.

Unfortunately, our system is not completely optimal for everyone.

If you have problems at checkout with payment, please write to us at info@docklandet.se then we will reply as soon as possible.

Klarnausually does not work for customers who live outside of Sweden unfortunately. This is due to a latch that Klarna have in the platform we use. We think this is very boring. A way to use Klarna from e.g. Norway or Finland is to make a card payment with one Klarna-short. But that assumes that you have such a card, of course.

Sometimes problems can arise with Klarna if you have a different address specified for delivery than the one you are registered with Klarna.

Questions about sex dolls

Yes! Our sex dolls are fantastically beautiful, both in face and body. Worth considering is that the pictures of the dolls are taken with good studio lighting and sometimes with some styling such as hairspray, lip gloss and clothes. We promise that the doll you bought and saw pictures of is the one you get delivered to your home. It is always possible to style the doll yourself so that it looks exactly like in our pictures. Many have their own ideas around style and styling.

To get a better idea of ​​our sex dolls, take a look at ours factory pictures and also preferably ours video clips. There you can see very well what the dolls look like! Without studio lights, styling or editing.

You can also visit us in Borlänge! We have over 60 dolls set up with us.

It's fine! Write to us and we will send over some more pictures. In most cases, we have pictures of dolls available from the factory, and we can also, if desired, take photos of the body + head directly from the packaging (however, we do not open the packaging).

Novelty! We now have a section with factory pictures.

Some models have "standing feet", the sex doll then has 3 metal paws under each foot to balance on. The doll can stand up for very long periods of time without risking damage from its own weight. Even those with normal feet can stand upright for a while with something to lean against.

The dolls are quickly warmed up by one's own body heat. It is also possible to pre-heat the doll in different ways. The easiest way is with the help of a heating rod and/or electronic heating blanket. Be careful not to use too much heat as the materials are sensitive to high temperatures.

There is also built-in electronic heating as an option for sex dolls.

We sell dolls of the brands WM-Doll, Irontech Doll, YL-Doll, Piperdoll, Irokebijin, Doll Forever, Starpery, Zelex, GameLady Doll, Gynoid dolls, Aibei Doll, EL-Doll, DX Value.

We also have contracts with FunWest Doll, Elsa Babe and SE Doll.

We don't have exactly all the dolls from our partners' range in our store, but pretty much all of them. We have skipped some older models, but they can be ordered if desired!

As we are an established name in the world of dolls, we can in principle arrange any doll, even of other brands than the ones we cooperate with.

Questions about Docklandet

We are the North's leading retailer of sex docks and has unique partnerships with the world's leading manufacturers. This means that we can offer the latest dolls on the market at very competitive prices. We also have offers unique to our store. For several of our badges, expensive upgrades of dolls are included with no additional charge.

In Docklandet You can always trust that you get what you pay for. We have our own stocks and the showroom, and we can offer express delivery on many of our most popular sex dolls. You can also modify your sex doll without extra cost, but then it needs to be manufactured in a factory. Docklandet then take responsibility for the whole process from production to home delivery.

All six-dolls in our store are of the highest quality and carefully chosen by us. We can go in good because you're going to have the best market has to offer a really good price. This goes for everything in our store, everything from our most expensive silicone dolls to our low-cost sex dolls.

Prisworthy low-cost sex docks (no detecting images or overpriced)
Exclusive premium sex docks (from market-leading producers)
Swedish Best Prices and Best Supply (over 1000 dolls in the range)
Possibility of visiting our showroom (compare different dolls before buying)
Own Store with express delivery docks (free refraction and 2-4 days delivery time)

Short and sweet, yeah! All dolls of the range are a bit below the normal market prices. We'll hold on to that! We also run occasional short campaigns sometimes on certain dolls, usually when we have high stocking of these products, or in some cases when we want to sell off a product. We also run campaigns on Black Friday and other similar opportunities.

We don't use race codes generally speaking. The few times we use the discount code, it is usually about a compensation where the customer himself has chosen a discount on a future purchase instead of money back.

There are pages on the network that claim to have discount codes to Docklandet And other stores. This is fake! These codes don't work.

You're doing great! We're open every day at 10:00 AM. Call me or email me if you want to, but if you don't have the opportunity, you can knock on the door anyway.

We are in the process of Borlänge and has a very large number of dolls back in stock for pickup. If you want to look at a doll we don't have at home, we can, in most cases, order it back to us with a few days ' delivery.

We are reached 0735361983 or info@docklandet.se

We have a few dolls that were damaged during delivery or were defective, which we sell at a lower price. It also happens that we are getting rebound that is completely in a new state that we're all about to get out. If you need one or more dolls, for example, an event or a photo shoot, you can buy them for a reasonable price.

After delivery-Problems, returns, and Warranty

It's very rare that the wrong doll is being sent out. Carefully examine the docks before use. If something doesn't add up, you take it, you take it, and you get back to us. Should it be about the fact that the package is damaged during delivery, first contact the fractional agent who delivered the package. It's rare in the wrong, but if this were to happen, you'd be entitled to return or compensation. Learn more about our shipping policy and reimbursement policy in the cash register.

Some of our dolls have mouth and sometimes even vagina sealed from a factory. This "time" sitting a piece of in is easy to piercor with a finger or a similar. There will be no marks after this.

With certain dolls, an extra screw is provided for the neck. It's called a click-connector. This is to be able to quickly get on and off the head on the docks and is mostly used to display dolls and different heads, it is not intended not to be used in physical activity. The head is not very good with this screw. The screw that is used by default to six docks is threaded all the way and always comes with the dolls.

If your sex doll broke or is unusable because of a hiddenfactory errors (as you can prove), you are entitled to compensation or to receive a new copy sent to you.

Under Delivery, the Docklandet If there is a problem, we will deal with it. For example, if your package were to go away, we'd be sending you a new one. It is rare, however, that problems arise during delivery.

Of course you have a right to regret your purchase and return the merchandise, Learn more about purchasing terms and returns here.

14 days of withdrawal apply from the date on which the product was received. This applies to goods sent from storage ; for goods from factory, read the terms of purchase.

Accesses, upgrades and special orders

You can modify or combine in principle which docking / body / head you want in our range. You can also ask us if we can get other faces or bodies. Special-modified dolls usually means that we are going to order directly from the factory, the delivery time landed at approximately between 3 and 6 weeks.

Most of our dolls have options for changes and upgrades linked down below product information!

We can make a special order from a factory and can then upgrade the doll with the following :

-Extra soft breast with gel-fill or air.
-Electronic heating (with usb)
-Motion sensors with sound.
-Extra moving axles
-Pipelagic-skeletal (extra 'flexible')
-Remunfixable or fixed penis
-Removable vagina.
Standing foot.

With more! Different for different marks.

It can be arranged. We can create a model in 3D and then make a face after that. Cost varies depending on the manufacturer, but rarely less than SEK 20 000. What is needed before these are photographs of the head of as many angles as possible, with hair-set. If you want a head inspired by a well-known person's appearance that you can't photograph yourself, you can search for as many good images as possible and pass it over to us. We'll give you an example of how your head would look like a digital in 3-D, if you're happy, you can make a purchase, and we'll start production and deliver to you. You also tell me which producer of the doll you want, and we'll come back to you with a price proposal. Manufacturing is done through one of our partners who are very skilled and experienced.


Don't hesitate to write again! It happens that we're missing an e-mail from time to time, or we're waiting for a response from a supplier who drags out in time. You never have to feel a little nagging but better to hear from her too much than too little. We are also reachable in the direct chat on our Instagram.