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Shipping policy

Free shipping

We always offer free shipping with home delivery to Sweden and the rest of the Nordic countries (Norway, Finland, Denmark). We also send to Germany, Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Delivery all the way to the door via PostNord, DHL, UPS or Schenker, Depending on the postal code. Regardless of delivery terms, all ordered orders are delivered from warehouse to final destination usually within 2-4 working days. As your package approaches your city, you will be contacted by a shipping agent for booking time for home delivery or pickup. You can choose to leave the package at your door even if you do not at home. You can also pick up the package yourself if you wish. The contents of the package are not visible on the outside, nor our logo or other text that can reveal the content.

Express delivery

In our collection Express deliverySo we offer many different dolls with fast delivery. Normal delivery time is 2-4 working days and we send the dolls from our warehouse in Borlänge or in some cases partners' warehouse. If orders are placed before 13:00 then delivery can usually be completed the day after. We usually send with DHL, UPS Or tnt.

Delivery from factory

Note! There are rogue stores that market specially adapted brand dolls with fast delivery (3-5 days) after production time. This is scam straight as all dolls are manufactured in China and it obviously takes a lot longer than a few days to send a doll. 3-5 weeks is what applies to normal delivery from all makes (after production), ie not 3-5 days.

If you ordered a specially adapted doll or a doll we do not have for express delivery, the doll will in most cases be sent directly from the factory. In principle, all factories that manufacture sex dolls are located in China. Normal delivery time from China is 3-5 weeks. We can also offer flight delivery from China which takes about 1-2 weeks but costs SEK 3000 extra. In most cases it is UPS that handles the delivery. When the package is sent, we will update your order with tracking no. While the package is under delivery in Asia, info will not be updated. Only when the package is in the EU will the information update. We write this precisely because we get a lot of mail from customers wondering why not UPS Updates delivery info more.

Note!It doesn't help to nag on us or UPS If delivery from factory is slow or that you want more info about exactly where in Asia the package is. We receive many emails from expectant customers who want to know the status of their delivery every week. Neither we nor UPS can see exactly where the package is under delivery from factory. We understand that you are expectant, a little impatient and maybe worried as dolls are expensive exclusive products. But, No package disappears, we have sent 1000's of dolls from China and not a single doll has risen down the road or stuck somewhere. Should this be assumed, it is obviously we at Docklandet Who takes responsibility and makes sure you get a new doll or your money back! If a delivery gets stuck in a customs check, we or manufacturers can send a new doll, then we will take care of the other doll once it has been completed in customs. But it is very unusual for this to happen.


You pay no customs duty on your sex doll. All our dolls with express delivery will be sent from our warehouse in Borlänge Or from another EU layer. There is no risk that any of our dolls with fast delivery will get stuck in customs. However, checks can be done on shipments sent from the factory in China and then delivery can be delayed 1-3 weeks.Shipments sent directly from factory/China are always sent together in a container. This means that your package is sent under our company name to begin with and not in your name. Thus, in case of any control in customs, it is we (Docklandet) who stands as a recipient and not you as a customer. Only when the package arrives in the EU will it be forwarded to you. We have paid customs and tax in advance and are included in the doll's price!

For our Norwegian customers, however, other conditions regarding freight and customs apply. Customers from Norway have to pay a customs/VAT fee according to Norway's customs office as Norway is outside the EU. This applies to orders that are sent both from warehouse in Europe and from factory in China. Because of this, factory orders are sent with express shipping from China: You are responsible for VAT when you import the package but do not have to pay extra for faster delivery. Delivery time will then normally be 12-15 days.

Shipping damage

In case of damaged goods due to transport, you must document the damage and report this immediately to the shipping company that delivered your item. Then contact us at Docklandet viainfo@docklandet.se. It is extremely unusual for dolls to be damaged during delivery, they are well packaged.

Other problems during delivery

We understand that you are very expectant and can also be a little worried when it is such a large and expensive piece that is delivered over half the globe. We have sent a lot of dolls and we have never been aware that a package has disappeared, stuck for a long time, stolen or something similar. You as a customer can always feel completely safe that you get the item you ordered. We always take full responsibility for your order and our suppliers and transport companies are insured.

Get yourself

You can pick up a doll with us in Borlänge if you wish. Of course, it is good to look and feel the doll before buying. We have a lot of people in stock and also set up with us in Borlänge. You can also order a doll to our address and pick up on site! If you wish for this, then enter a comment about it in the message field at the far end of the product page.

Track packages;

Depending on who delivers, there are different services to follow your shipment. There is a good page that collects tracking info from various transport companies that we often use;www.parcelsapp.com/en/tracking