Vi har ett av världens största show-room med över 60 dockor uppställda från Irontech, WM, Piper, Starpery, mfl. Välkommen till Borlänge!


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- Focus on quality and satisfied customers -

Our vision is to be able to offer you as a customer quality products at the best possible prices. We offer a carefully selected range of high-quality sex dolls in many different sizes and styles. Something for all tastes. We hope and believe that you can find what you are looking for with us. We are experts in sex dolls!

- -

The Docklandet brand ades was created and founded in 2019, but we have been active in the industry since 2017. Docklandet is run by Dalarna Exclusive AB and is located in Borlänge in the middle of Dalarna. We mainly sell dolls through the online store, but it is also possible to buy a sex doll on site in Borlänge. We stock warehouses in Borlänge and also rent warehouses outside Sweden. Our goal is to be able to offer you as a customer a wide but carefully selected range of high-quality sex dolls at the best prices!

- How do we work? -

We are usually staffed every day of the week. Weekdays between 08:00 - 20:00 and weekends 10:00 - 18:00. Our support answers all conceivable questions and concerns you as a customer may have. We are also available for support after the purchase has been made, should help or advice be needed with anything.

We always process orders the same day they are placed and the package is usually sent out the same day or the day after, a bit
depends on when the order is placed and which warehouse we send from. Delivery normally takes place within 2-4 working days and we strive to always achieve this.
We send out track numbers shortly after the package has been sent, so you can track the shipment.

Our sex dolls are always checked before delivery either by us or by our partners.
If desired, pictures of the specific doll can be sent to you as a customer before delivery takes place.

We are constantly looking for new products to expand the range with and revise the products we already have. Of course, it is important for us to find the best purchase prices, but it is also important with affordable shipping prices, which can sometimes be tricky with large heavy packages like these. As we always offer free shipping for customers, shipping is already included in our product prices and nothing customers need to think about or care about. But in order to give you as a customer the best possible price, this is an important aspect for us. We want to be able to keep prices low and at the same time be able to offer fast and secure delivery.

We work with several manufacturers of sex dolls and are well versed in the latest on the market. We also have great opportunities to carry out special orders as desired. You can upgrade our dolls as desired, customize them completely from the factory, we can also take in basically any doll you can find in other online stores. We can also create completely new dolls as desired.

Hämta din sexdocka hos oss i Borlänge. Vi har sexdockor hemma i lager för alla smaker. Även expressleverans med fri frakt till hela Sverige. Alltid sexdockor av högsta kvalitet till de bästa priserna!

Sexdockor hos Docklandet. Vi har många olika sexdockor uppställda hos oss i Borlänge.

Sex dolls from Docklandet -

Our sex dolls are divided into three main categories, short, between and long sex dolls. We have chosen to divide the dolls into these categories to make it easier for you as a customer to find among all our dolls. As a rule, the price can also differ between the sizes, however, some of the finest dolls are manufactured in smaller editions, which then gives them a slightly higher price. We want to be able to offer sizes and styles of sex dolls that suit everyone, regardless of what interest or what physical ability you possess. As we have mentioned a few times, all our dolls are of high quality. But there are some variations.We have started a collaboration with the market-leading giants WM-Doll and Piper Doll now also offer a number of their dolls in our range We continuously expands with more selected internationally known brands of dolls that fit our range. These dolls have a higher price tag and are of extremely high quality.

- More information about sex dolls -

In our text information about sex dolls you can read further information about us and our sex dolls.

Also feel free to read our F.A.Q with frequently asked questions from customers and answers from us. There is very good information available there.

We recently added a section with videos showing some of our sex dolls. There you can clearly see what the doll looks like, we also show how the doll's skin and different body parts react when touched.

In our section with factory photos you can see photos of sex dolls taken outside the studio, without studio lights and without styling or editing. We can send over more pictures of dolls before purchase. For special orders from the factory, the doll is photographed before delivery, so the customer can approve that everything looks as it should.

Under our own page about care advice you will find tips on how to best take care of your doll. We can also recommend that you search around a bit on YouTube and forums as well, where there are many good tips and tricks on how to take care of your sex doll. Of course it is also good to ask us for advice too!

We always have completely free shipping, but feel free to read our delivery terms if something feels unclear. Read through right of withdrawal and returns if you want to know what applies to a canceled purchase.

- Contact -

Dalarna Exclusive AB 559265-0468
Krokgatan 22
784 52 Borlänge