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Docklandet - Upp till 60% rea på sexdockor av högsta kvalitet. Köp din sexdocka idag, expressleverans till hela Norden och även upphämtning i Borlänge. Sexdockor även kallat real dolls. Sveriges största utbud och bästa priser med tusentals nöjda kunder!

Sex dolls from Docklandet

  • Our sex dolls are of the highest quality, even the dolls we have in the lower price ranges.
  • Some dolls in our range are sold at almost double the price of other Swedish stores. It's the same doll, or a worse variant of ours in the worst case. We have Sweden's best and lowest prices without compromising on the quality of the dolls.
  • The dolls always look the same in reality as in the pictures.
  • Accessories are always included with our sex dolls. Clothes vary, usually accompanied by a sexy tank top, as the dolls in the pictures have been styled and sometimes given other clothes for the purpose.
  • We have express delivery on most of our sex dolls. Normal delivery time 2-4 working days.
  • Many of our more expensive sex dolls are manufactured in connection with ordering. You as a customer can adapt your doll completely to your wishes and needs. We can offer our Swedish and Nordic customers favorable prices on sex dolls from WM-Doll, YL-Doll, Piper Doll, Doll Forever, Irokebijin, Entity Real Doll, Starpery, Irontech Dolls, etc.
  • Our dolls are delivered in a box. What is in is not visible on the outside. Discreet, safe and stably packaged. Note, however, that the packages are relatively large and heavy.

General information about our sex dolls

  • Vagina depth is about 18 cm
  • Mouth depth is about 13 cm
  • Anal depth is about 17 cm
  • The openings on the inside are constructed in the same way as e.g. a "fleshlight". This, together with lubricant, gives a very realistic feeling. When heating with e.g. water or a heating rod makes the feeling even better. It is worth noting that the doll "heats up" relatively quickly even in normal use without aids.
  • Sex dolls are generally a little smaller than real girls. This is not one that affects the sense of reality at all. Even though the dolls are a little smaller, they are still very large and heavy. Try to lift 20-30 kg yourself and you will see. Not to mention the heaviest at over 50 kg. It requires muscle power and also a good back.
  • The dolls are made of the materials TPE and silicone and are of the highest quality. Both materials are very realistic, both in appearance and feel. They are also very durable and durable.

Are the sex dolls really as good-looking as they look?

You may have been amazed at how great looking sex dolls can be. It is always the same sex doll in the picture as in reality, ie what you will receive delivered with a purchase. Worth remembering is that the pictures of the dolls were taken by skilled photographers, which of course makes the dolls visible from their best sides. In some pictures, the dolls are also quite stylish, which can make them extremely beautiful. That there will be better pictures with the right photographer, styling and editing applies to both sex dolls and people. You can of course style and dress your sex doll to your own taste! In the pictures we have, most dolls are relatively styled, but some dolls are a little extra styled and it is usually clearly visible.
For example Filippa, Jenny, Greta

We have set up a section with factory pictures on sex dolls not taken in the studio and without styling or editing. Feel free to take a look at our new section with videos. We hope that these pictures and videos will give a good idea of ​​how your experience of the doll will be and with this give extra security before a purchase.

How can we keep prices so low?

You may have looked at other sites that sell sex dolls and been amazed at the prices.Often the exact same dolls we have are sold for anything between SEK 13,000 - SEK 30,000 In some stores, they are even higher. That we can keep such a much lower price is mainly due to our fantastic partners that we have had the privilege of meeting on site at the factories abroad. Another reason is that we run on a concept with a relatively narrow range of sex dolls. On many other sites, you can choose from hundreds of dolls, dozens of lengths, skin colors, breast sizes, eyes, etc. This means that the production of the dolls is of course not as smooth and it becomes more expensive. We are investing in a carefully selected range of genuine dolls in the format that we believe is best suited. But we also have the opportunity to customize products as desired. For example. change length, breast size, skin color, etc. However, this may lead to a change in price. If you have special requests for a product, do not hesitate to contact us. We update our range continuously, if you have a request for a doll we do not have today, then do not hesitate to contact us! We work with several well-known brands and manufacturers of sex dolls with a wide range and we can bring in dolls on demand and give a good price.

About our short sex dolls

  • Some of our dolls are quite short. This does not make the dolls look like dwarves or minors.
  • A smaller size means that the dolls can keep a lower price as the material cost for the body is significantly lower. TPE and medical steel are high quality expensive materials.
  • Smaller dolls are also easier to store and above all easier to handle. Even the smallest sizes are heavy pieces. With tex. back problems or limited muscle capacity, a larger size may be impossible to handle.
  • Our short sex dolls are miniatures of adults. Thus, no sex doll we sell represents girls under 18 years of age. To make it extra clear, all our dolls in the category "short dolls" have extra large breasts and marked hips.
  • We are aware that there are dolls that are supposed to imitate non-adults. We will never sell such dolls, and we will kindly but firmly reject requests for such dolls.
  • All our sex dolls are CE and FDA certified.
  • Sex toys for men!

    Girls have always, for natural reasons, had access to more flexible solutions for their own enjoyment than men. Now it's time to take revenge! Thanks to the success of technology in the development of vaginal dummies and materials that are true to human skin, there is now an almost perfect alternative to sex with a girl. Some even think having sex with a sex doll, also called "real doll", can be better than the real thing. Why you might be wondering?

    • You decide when and for how long you want to have sex. No commitments or feelings involved.
    • The dolls look extremely good. It can be difficult to meet girls of that caliber in real life. So-called realdoll's have been developed to near perfection for over a decade. Many of our dolls have body and appearance inspired by real models.
    • The dolls have fantastically nice bodies. For example, finding a short girl with a slim waist and giant breasts is next to impossible if we are talking about real girls.

    Other reasons to buy a sex doll:

    • Sex dolls have in recent years grown into a large industry. Many people like to collect dolls and have as a hobby to style, dress and photograph their dolls. There is a whole community of enthusiasts who are passionate about their interest in realdolls.
    • Many people buy a doll because they feel lonely.A doll of good quality can give light in life when the hope of the perfect partner begins to wane Sex dolls are good for the general male health in society.
    • Our dolls can also be used as mannequins. It is more common than you might think. The dolls are both nicer and cheaper than standard mannequins usually are.
    • Dolls are becoming increasingly popular to be used by couples. Many people fantasize about games of more than two, but anxiety and jealousy easily put sticks in the wheels. A sex doll can solve these problems.
    • Men in relationships that are on the verge of infidelity can have their desires satisfied with a sex doll. As we all know, it can be difficult to keep the sex life going after a few years together. Not to mention, for example, 30 years together. Experiences with sex dolls can be what saves a relationship.
    • Many couples have experienced that a sex doll has created a better relationship when one of the parties has suffered from a long-term illness or disability. Even during pregnancy, couples have been able to enjoy alone or with a doll to support each other in the relationship and sex life.
    • Abroad, thinking about sex dolls has developed further than in our Nordic countries. Where dolls can contribute in several ways to a better everyday life for the disabled and handicapped who otherwise often suffer from loneliness or difficulty in experiencing ordinary relationships.
    • Even women who fantasize about being of the same sex, can enjoy together with a beautiful doll.

    Is it embarrassing to buy a sex doll? Should I be ashamed?


    Survey shows that nine out of ten women own or have owned a sex toy. But on the men's side, it is quite the opposite, especially if we are talking about straight men, it has previously been very unusual with sex toys. With our fantastic sex dolls, men can finally have their needs met in a more wonderful way. Just like women have been able to get for many many years! We are all sexual beings and even sexuality and need is nothing to be ashamed of. In addition, we all have the right to our privacy and it may contain anything as long as it does not affect others.

    Also feel free to read our F.A.Q with frequently asked questions and answers!

    Realistiska sexdockor av den bästa kvalitén till oslagbara priser! 2-4 dagars diskret leverans direkt till dörren och alltid fri frakt! Gör som tusentals nöjda svenskar och köp din sexdocka hos Docklandet! Svensk support och 100% diskret. Du kan även hämta din docka direkt hos oss i Borlänge. Välkommen!

    Hope this long informative text was rewarding for you! If you have more questions
    or thoughts, then do not hesitate to contact

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