Vi har ett av världens största show-room med över 60 dockor uppställda från Irontech, WM, Piper, Starpery, mfl. Välkommen till Borlänge!


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Shipping policy

Free shipping

We always offer free shipping with home delivery to Sweden and also Denmark, Finland and Norway. Delivered right to the door via PostNord, DHL or Schenker, depending on postcode. Regardless of delivery terms, all ordered orders are delivered from stock to final destination usually within 2-4 working days. In exceptional cases, delivery takes longer. When your package approaches your city, you will be contacted by a shipping agent to book a time for home delivery or pickup. You can choose to have the package left at your door even if you are not at home. You can also pick up the package yourself from an agent if you so wish. The contents of the package are not visible on the outside, nor is our logo or other text that may reveal the contents.

Factory Delivery

If you ordered a specially adapted doll or a doll we do not have for express delivery, the doll is in most cases sent directly from the factory. In principle, all factories that manufacture sex dolls are located in China. Normal delivery time from China is between 3 and 5 weeks. We can also offer air delivery from China, which takes 1-2 weeks but costs SEK 2,000 extra. In most cases, the UPS handles the delivery. When the package has been sent, we will update your order with tracking number. While the package is under delivery in Asia, the info will not be updated. Only when the package arrives in the EU will the information be updated. We are writing this precisely because we receive a lot of emails from customers who wonder why UPS does not update delivery info more.


You do not pay any customs duty on your sex doll. There is no risk of any of our dolls getting caught in customs. Customers from Norway, however, need to pay a customs fee according to the Norwegian Customs.

Shipping Damages

In the event of damaged goods due to transport, you must report this immediately to the shipping agent who delivered your goods. Then contact us at Docklandet via . It is extremely unusual for dolls to be damaged during delivery, they are well packaged.

Other problems during delivery

We understand that you are very expectant and can also be a little worried when it is such a large and expensive piece that is delivered across half the globe. We have sent a lot of dolls and we have never seen a package disappear, get stuck for a long time, be stolen or anything like that. You as a customer can always feel completely confident that you get the item you ordered. We always take full responsibility for your order and our suppliers and transport companies are insured.

Download yourself

You can pick up a doll from us in Borlänge if you wish. It is of course possible to look and feel the doll before buying. We have very many in stock and also lined up with us in Borlänge. Read more here.

Feel free to read more about Docklandet here.

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Also feel free to read through frequently asked questions and answers.

Track packages;

Depending on who delivers, there are different services to follow your shipment with. There is a good site that collects tracking info from various transport companies that we often use;