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Filippa - Classic TPE sex doll (DX Value 148cm D-cup Tpe)

Filippa is a realistic TPE sex doll from DX Value. Filippa is 148 cm long withShe will realize your long, blonde hair and enchanting curves. Filippa is a highly real -life sex doll With a confident elegant look and perfect breasts in size D-cup. An affordable TPE sex doll in the highest quality.

DX Value Sex dolls at the best price. Are you looking for a cheap sex doll of high quality so is DX Value Right brand. We have fast delivery and free shipping on most of our sex dolls from DX Value. Real doll with robot skeleton, vacuum vagina, gel breast, etc.

Filippa Dx Value 148cm D-cup

Length: 148 cm
Weight:26 kg
Skin color: SOl -brown
Hair color: Blonde (optional)
Eye color: Brown (optional)
Breast size: Middletora (d-cup, 76 cm)
Standing foot: Yes (optional)
Waist/Hip: 51 cm / 83 cm
Openings: Vagina, anal, oral
Material: TPE with metal skeleton
Accessories: Wig, hair comb, blanket, garment,
gloves, cleaning kit, repair kit

Filippa sex doll Docklandet 150 cm

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- DX Value -

If you are looking for a first doll or have a limited budget, a doll fromDX Value a good choice! DX Value offers several unique upgrades to their dolls such as robot-skeleton and vacuum vagina!

Sex dolls fromDX Value at Docklandet are carefully selected and always maintain high quality. Our sex dolls are made of the material TPE which gives the doll a realistic look and real feel. The material is very hard-wearing and durable, giving your doll a long life.

The doll's exterior feels and looks like human skin, the breasts are soft (yet firm) and the vagina is molded from real life models. The body is solid, durable and flexible and can be set in all imaginable positions.

All dolls in DX Valueseries are produced in close collaboration directly with the best manufacturers of sex dolls. This means that we can offer classic and popular models of dolls at the market's lowest prices. We regularly update our range of dolls, this means that some models may change. This is done to be able to have the best possible quality without the price being high.

Properties sex doll
  • Our sex dolls have several premium properties
  • You can see in the small squares above what properties dolls of this make have
  • Even in the description of this brand you can find information
  • Which properties and functions dolls have differ between different marks
  • Size and if the doll is made of tPP or silicone also affects
Modify the dock appearance
  • Dock's standard version is what is shown on the product images. If the doll has several styles, the standard version is the style used in the first images
  • You can modify your doll. Changing the doll's look costs nothing extra. You can change skin color, eye color, wig, mm
  • To change the look of your doll, press the "Modify Dock" button before you put in the shopping cart
  • If you change the appearance, the doll needs to be manufactured according to your wishes. Production time differs between brands, normally it takes around 1 week to manufacture a TPE doll and about 3 weeks for one of silicone
  • When the doll is produced, we get factory images for inspection. If customer wishes then we share these
  • After we approved the pictures, the doll is properly packaged and sent
Upgrade doll
  • Most dolls can be upgradeed, but many upgrades cost extra
  • Some upgrades are included in standard version for dolls
  • Which upgrades are included or can be selected in different brands
  • Upgrades do not necessarily have to make a doll better but in many cases it can improve appearance or experience of a doll
  • To upgrade a doll, select "Modify Doll" before you put in shopping cart
  • Doll's price is automatically updated if you choose to add an upgrade
  • Most upgrades require the doll to be manufactured in the factory
  • There are always several accessories with our dolls, but what accessories are included differ between different brands
  • You can see in the small boxes above which accessories are included with the doll. These are accompanied at no additional cost
  • We also have a lot of other accessories that you can order together with a doll or separate
  • To see more accessories, press the "Accessories" box before putting in shopping cart
  • Common accessories to order for a doll are extra wigs, alternative eyes, inserts for teeth, shemale dildos, garments
  • Other accessories that are common are lubricants and also products for repair such as Talk, TPE glue and TPE stain removal ointment
  • It is also common to order extra heads for dolls. All brands except Piper Doll and Irokebijin have the same type of connection for head in the neck of the doll
Other, good to know
  • Standard depth on openings is 18 cm for vagina, 16 cm for anal and 10 cm by mouth. However, this can vary between marks and sizes. The openings are often slightly flexible on the inside
  • Silicone heads are hard by default with a closed mouth, but can often be obtained as soft with mouth opening for oral function.
    TPE heads are soft and have mouth opening
  • Photographers often use their own wigs, clothing, accessories and styling to lift the doll's appearance for a photo session, and we cannot guarantee that you get exactly the same wig as in the pictures. The clothing garments and any accessories in the pictures are not included, but you usually get with a standard garment in their order
  • The dolls can sometimes have upgrades on the images, such as silicone body, hair implants and realistic body painting. These options are usually not included but cost extra, and can be found during the doll's upgrades
  • Body weight and length can deviate slightly as each doll is unique and largely manufactured by hand, and can also distinguish due to any upgrades and options you do
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