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Köp en sexdocka med Klarnas delbetalningslösningar. Dela upp ditt köp av sexdocka på 6-36 månader. Betala din real doll efter att paketet anlänt. Fri leverans på sexdockor till hela EU.

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What is a sex doll?

A sex doll (also called “real doll") Is a large doll made of the materials TPE or silicone. Today's sex dolls are extremely realistic and in some cases look exactly like a real person. Sex dolls are available in many different styles, shapes and sizes.

A sex doll is made to mimic a woman's body altogether. The body is created after a 3D rendering from a real model, which makes all shapes extremely realistic. A sex doll's skin looks and feels like a real person, both to the surface and in texture. The breasts have an inner filling of gel and feels very realistic. Sex dolls have openings at vagina, anal and in some cases the mouth. The doll's vagina looks very real and its inside is recreated for maximum enjoyment and realism.

A sex doll is usually around 160 cm long but is available in many other lengths, from miniatures to very long dolls closer to 180 cm long. There are sex dolls with small breasts and with big breasts, narrow dolls and curvy dolls, extremely realistic dolls and surreal fantasy dolls.

Docklandet'S range offers over 1000 sex dolls from different brands, in different price ranges, specially adapted or for fast delivery. All dolls are carefully selected by us and we are proud to collaborate with the world's leading manufacturers of sex dolls.

Characteristics of a sex doll

A sex doll is mainly used for sexual activities. Sex with a sex doll can be perceived as very real and extremely appreciated by many. There are even those who believe that sex with a doll can be better than with a real person. With a sex doll you can have an outlet for fantasies that would not be possible to satisfy in reality. A sex doll may look like your dream girl (though even nicer), it will always be available to you and a sex doll completely follows your own terms. 

Is sex dolls used for other than sex? 

The word "sex doll" is really misleading when we talk about these big dolls. Although the main area of ​​use for most people is sex, many people use their sex dolls for completely different things. It is common to use dolls as models for photography. Your own model (sex doll) at home can be good much smoother and cheaper than hiring real models.

Another area of ​​use is to have the doll as a mannequin, interior detail or collector's item. We have many sex dolls with styles and appearance taken from various popular culture. With the right style, outfit and accessories you can easily transform a "sex doll" into a full-size Statue that places perfectly in a living room.

Docklandets lager med sexdockor redo för snabb leverans. Köp din sexdocka redan idag och få den levererad till dörren inom 2-4 arbetsdagar. Köp en sexdocka från Docklandet!

How are the dolls delivered?

Our sex dolls are delivered with DHL, PostNord, UPS or Schenker, depending on the postal place. Normal delivery time is 2 - 4 working days for articles that we have at home in stock.

For sex dolls that we do not have in stock or dolls with a custom appearance, the doll needs to be manufactured in the factory in connection with orders. Normal production time for TPE dolls is around 1 week and for silicone jackets around 3 weeks. Delivery time from manufacturers in China is normally around 3-5 weeks.

The doll is carefully and discreetly packed in a large cardboard box. Dock's brand and our store name are not visible on packaging.

Of course, it is also possible to buy a doll in place with us in Borlänge. Or order a doll for us and pick up after it is delivered. It is common for customers to not receive a delivery to their home for various reasons and therefore need to have the doll delivered to another location.

For those of you who visit our physical store, we can also offer display ex at a discounted price and other favorable offers.

We also offer private discrete drive to the whole of Sweden. This is against an extra cost. Contact us by mail or phone if you need this!

Free shipping? No hidden fee?

We have free shipping on all goods in our store!

Any customs duty (applies only to orders sent from factory in China) is always included in the doll's price. With the delivery method we use, a customs fee is paid in advance. You as a customer do not have to worry about a customs fee or any other hidden unexpected cost.

How do I pay?

It is possible to pay with VISA, Mastercard and American Express via Stripe's pay exchange asDocklandet.se Uses for card payments. The money is reserved in your bank account when you have completed your order and then deducted from the account when the product is delivered.

It is also possible to pay with Klarna's payment solutions' pay later' or 'split'.

We also offer PayPal as a payment solution for those who prefer it. 

Stripe, Klarna and PayPal Has high demands on security and confidentiality, this applies both to their own services and to their partners. You can always feel completely confident that your money and information are handled responsibly and securely. 

Are the dolls as stylish as in the pictures?

Absolutely! Many dolls are even more beautiful in reality. For us at Docklandet It is very important that you as a customer get the right perception of the product before ordering. We do not use product images with "too much editing" and we never ever use incorrect or misleading product images (which unfortunately is quite common in this industry).

In our section with factory pictures you can see o pictures of naked not styled dolls manufactured for us or for our customers. We also have many pictures of dolls from our showrooms.

If you want to see more pictures of a sex doll then we can always foot or film the ones we have at home in stock. We also have manufacturers' own factory images available for most dolls in our range.

Do you always have a sale?

In short, yes! All dolls in our range are at the lowest possible price set by manufacturers. Neither we nor any other store may have lower prices than these.

We also run campaigns on different brands continuously. Many brands have good deals where, for example, an extra head or upgrades are included. However, this does not apply to all Dock brands.

We also have some special-deals unique to our store. Some dolls include several upgrades as standard (these additions cost extra in other stores). For the popular brand WM-Doll always includes an extra head when you shop Docklandet.

Difference in a sex doll and a Real Doll?

Real doll is another concept for sex doll. In Sweden, many sex toy stores call their dolls for Real doll. Real Doll So is the same as a sex doll.

Real doll is a common concept in many countries, especially in Sweden. We have chosen not to use that word very much in our store, for two different reasons.

First and foremost, we are a Swedish store and we obviously want to use Swedish words and expressions as often as possible. Secondly so is Real Doll Actually a made make, ie a doll mark and not just a term. Real Doll is American and one of the few doll manufacturers who are outside China. All of our dolls on Docklandet can be called 'real doll's' but they are obviously not by the American brand Real Doll.

A doll of the mark Real Doll Costs around SEK 130,000, has production time of over 1 year and is also not quite fun to import from the USA. These dolls are only sold in the factory's own store mainly to American customers. However, we can proudly say that our finer silicone jackets from for example Gynoid, Irontech Doll or Zelex holding equivalent (sometimes even better) quality as American Real Doll. To a fraction of the price they take. Feel free to ask us more about this if you are unsure! We have good contact with people who have worked around this brand before.

Otherwise is actually real doll A pretty good term for these fine realistic dolls, but unfortunately the Swedish translation does not sound "real doll" as well. The term "sex doll" that we use mainly for these dolls is unfortunately quite misleading as these dolls are also used for much other than six.

Köp en sexdocka från vår butik i Borlänge. Docklandets showroom med över 50 sexdockor uppställda. Kom och besök oss för att hitta din sexdocka! Erbjuder snabb leverans på en ny sexdocka hem till dörren.

To think about before a purchase

A sex doll is an exclusive premium product and a relatively expensive one. Our six dolls cost anywhere from SEK 6,000 to up to SEK 30,000. Generally, silicon jackets are more expensive than TPE dolls and the doll's size has a fairly large impact on the price. 

A sex doll is designed and manufactured in several stages, and partly by hand, and the manufacturing process normally takes 1-3 weeks depending on material, model and make. All dolls are manufactured in factories in China and delivery time from there to Sweden is at least 1 month. But, as I said, we also have many dolls at home in our own warehouses. 

Unfortunately, there are many rogue players selling sex dolls. It is common for incorrect images to be used for fake dolls, which are then sold at overpriced. We have several customers who reported to us about dolls that they bought from other stores in the belief that they would get what was shown on the product pictures but received a cheap copy instead. 

Of course, there are also many serious players. Virtually all major international stores are Chinese (though with English -language websites). If you buy a sex doll directly from a foreign store, the Swedish consumer purchase law does not apply and you have no right of withdrawal or right of return. But of course you have this at Docklandet. We are Swedes, completely established in Sweden and care about our customers and our good reputation.

Why choose Docklandet?

We are Sweden's largest retailers of sex dolls and have unique partnerships with the world's leading manufacturer. This means that we can offer the latest dolls on the market at very competitive prices. We also have offers unique to our store. For several of our brands, expensive upgrades of dolls are included at no extra cost.

At Docklandet Can you always trust that you get what you pay for. We have our own warehouses and showrooms and can offer express delivery on many of our most popular sex dolls. You can also modify your sex doll at no extra cost but then it needs to be manufactured in the factory. Docklandet Then takes responsibility for the entire process from manufacturing to home delivery.

All sex dolls in our store are of the highest quality and carefully selected by us. We can go well because you will get the best market to offer at a really good price. This applies to everything in our store, everything from our most expensive silicone checks to our low-cost-sex dolls.

Price Guarantee (market's lowest price)

We always keep the lowest permissible price on our dolls

Affordable cheap sex dolls

(low -price dolls of high quality, no misleading images)

Exclusive premium sex dolls

(From market -leading manufacturers and brands)

Sweden's best prices and range

(Over 1300 dolls in the range)

Europe's largest show-room

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Own warehouse with fast discreet delivery

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