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Scarlet Sex Doll (Zelex 165cm F-Cup GE53-1 Silicone) EXPRESS

Scarlet is an extremely realistic sex doll from world-renowned Zelex made entirely of silicone. This is a tall 165 cm sex doll that has a lifelike body with an F cup, a beautiful ass and a vagina with medium lips. A curvier variant of our Scarlet 170cm!

NOTE: Optional head is selected when ordering this body. The body is sent from stock in Europe, the head is sent in a separate package. Delivery time for body about 2-4 days!

Docklandet is a proud partner and official distributor for Zelex in Sweden. The image shows Docklandet's and Zelex's logos


Length: 165 cm
Weight:32,5 kg
Skin color: Tan
Hair Color: Blonde (optional)
Eye Color: Brown (optional)
Chest Size: Large (F cup, 84 cm)

Waist/Hip: 54 cm / 93.5 cm
Material: Silicone with metal skeleton
(premium, extra flexible)
Openings: Vagina, anal, mouth
Accessories:Wig, comb, garment,
gloves, cleaning kit, heating rod

Zelex Sex Doll 165 cm - Silicone real doll. Docklandet - Up to 60% sale on top quality sex dolls. Buy your sex doll today, express delivery to the entire Nordic region and also pick up in Borlänge. Sex dolls also called real dolls. Sweden's largest selection and best prices with thousands of satisfied customers!


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- ZELEX DOLL - is an authorized partner and official distributor for Zelex in Sweden and can offer our Swedish and Nordic customers favorable prices for their sex dolls. We have several dolls in stock for quick delivery and several displayed in our showroom.

Sex dolls from Zelex with express delivery always have the following premium features:

  • Weight reduction (5-10 kg)
  • Body painting (veins, redness, etc.)
  • Dull skin, not shiny (unique news!)
  • Implanted eyebrows and eyelashes
  • Extra movable skeleton and shoulders (EVO)
  • Gel-filled breasts (feels more realistic)
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  • It is also common to order extra heads for dolls. All brands except Piper Doll and Irokebijin has the same type of connection for the head in the neck of the doll
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